What is Trickster Engine?

Trickster Engine is a game engine that is currently being developed by Rick Pijpers.
To call it an engine would maybe not fit entirely, because it currently is more of a heavy framework. Since it currently doesn't even have a scene viewer or level editor. And it's more of a big foundation to create things on.

My motives

The goal of Trickster Engine is to make developing games a lot easier for myself. Because I thought, if I want to create games for let's say 10 years at least. It would be of great importance that I start re-using my code. When I started working on it, it became my main project pretty soon. The project has collected some dust between May 2020 and October 2020 because of a bug that caused my screen to stay empty, when there should have been planets.

After getting back on the project I realised that I wanted to create something similar to SFML. For those unfamiliar with that, SFML is a 2d game framework, which allows you to keep your mind on higher- level tasks, instead of first writing code that gets images on your screen. The framework handles those troubles for you.

But isn't it just SFML but 3D then? No.. Because.. Well.. It would be more tinkered for myself. And will have way more features, because for 3D you simply need more features than for 2D, it's basic math.

Why SFML? When I started making games, the first easiest way I found to make games was with SFML. It's easy to use, you don't need 3D graphics, 2D images will do fine, spritesheets if you feel fancy. And it showed me the wonders of not having to think about difficult graphics code and optimizing stuff.
You only have to do the difficult code once, and then you can use it forever.

Current state of the engine

Latest visual demo

Current Version (0.1.0)

  1. Vulkan renderer
  2. Multithreading
  3. Logging system
  4. OpenGL renderer
  5. Delta Time
  6. Event system
  7. Model loading
  8. Input
  9. Camera
  10. Pause option