Rick Pijpers

Who is Rick Pijpers?

A game programmer. Currently a student at Breda University of Applied Sciences, following the course International Game Architecture and Design. As well as following my course, I am developing my 3D game engine Trickster Engine. You can read more about it there. But to summarize it into why it's so interesting: it's very difficult and indicates that I can work on the same project for a long time.

Why should you be interested?

I am already pretty skilled in programming. I have a very learning oriented mindset. Because whatever I don't know, I can learn. I will often learn about random things (preferably programming related) in my spare time. I am very goal-oriented when planning things. What features do we need to make this work? And how would we save time in the future when making this and that? Are questions I ask myself regularly.

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What is my skillset

My Projects

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